You Can Help

All gifts to Rapid Response (RR) are tax deductible.

All staff and volunteers are responsible for raising personal and ministry support. You may give to several different areas listed below. We ask that you please not write in the memo area of your check but include a note showing designation preference.

General Ministry Fund

This fund supports the general disaster and humanitarian aid relief work and administrative needs of ORR.

Country / Disaster Venue

The area(s) to which you wish to designate your gift.

RR Staff Member

Staff members may be full-time or part-time paid employees, (most-to-all are volunteers) and are responsible for raising their own personal support and trip expenses.

Team Member

Team members are volunteers who have committed to go on short term disaster or relief team and are responsible for raising their own support for trip expenses.

Area Most Needed

Prioritize your funds to go to the area with the most urgent current need.

Rapid Response is morally committed to honor the intention/designation of every gift. However, in accordance with IRS requirements for non-profit organizations, RR cannot permit the receipting of charitable, tax-deductible gifts that are restricted by the donor for a specific purpose. If a donor gives to RR, in compliance with IRS code, the donor releases all dominion and control of the donation. The IRS requires that RR have the power to modify any restriction or designation if, in its sole judgment, such restriction becomes, in effect, unnecessary, incapable of fulfillment, or inconsistent with the charitable purposes of Rapid Response.

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